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 Tenaya 15
Name: Tenaya 15 (Played by: Adelaide Kane).
Episode(s): 2, 4-5, 8-28, 30-32.
Weaponry: Visor; Detachable had; Hand upgrade blaster (Ep9); hand blaster (Ep27).
Powers(Att): Human disguises; Blasting from hand upgrade.
Bio: Venjix has been working on Tenaya 7 for some time, he finally reveals her to his generals in episode 2. Tenaya - Generation 7, is a Venjix human infiltration Attack Bot. While stalking her prey, she whistles to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell".

Ep4: Tenaya 7 infiltrated the city and tried to get the Series Green Morpher. She went to Ziggy's Ranger auditions and introduced herself as Tenaya Sevenson, a former News-Helicopter Pilot.

Ep5: Venjix reveals a new era of Venjix Technology, then says to Tenaya 7 that it's time for her to be destroyed for failing to get the Series Green Morpher. Grinders try to destroy her, but she proves herself worthy by destroying them. Tenaya 7 detaches her hand and places it underneath Scott's car. Tenaya 7 controls her hand from Venjix base and attacks the Rangers in their own base.

Ep9: Tenaya 7 is disguises as a caterer at Summer's wedding to steal the Black Landsdown Diamond.

Ep22: Tenaya 7 hears Kilobyte and Venjix talking, and overhears that there is a secret about herself she doesn't know about.

Ep25: Shifter has created a new body for Venjix. Tenaya 7 tampers with it's wiring. Shifter activates the Bot, but it attacks Venjix, so Venjix banishes Shifter to the wasteland. Shifter leaves and takes his Bot with him.

Dillon discovers that the two keys to his pocket watch can combine. Dillon combines his two keys and puts into his watch, and his watch plays a new tune, "The Farmer in the Dell." So Dillon leaves and heads out into the wasteland. Tenaya 7 shows up and hears his watch playing her favorite/only song. Dillon then plays for her the other song from the watch, and memories begin coming back to her. Dillon explains that she's his sister, but she doesn't want to believe it and attacks him, so Dillon morphs. Ranger Black uses his spinning gears, and Tenaya's arm starts to bleed, so she takes off and heads back to the Venjix Palace. Dillon returns to base.

Tenaya 7 scans her cut, and the computer informs her that DNA match is confirmed - Sample is from Subject G78(or D78), and sibling is Subject D44. The computer then shows footage of them attempting to escape, they were recaptured by Grinders and Kilobyte, but Subject D44 later managed to escape from the Venjix Palace. Kilobyte confronts Tenaya 7, but she says she refuses to be human and plans to destroy Ranger Black.

Tenaya 7 attacks Ranger Black, while Grinders attack the others. Rangers Red, Blue and Yellow use the Road Blaster and fire at Tenaya 7, but Dillon gets in the way, trying to protect Tenaya 7. Tenaya is blasted over a railing and hangs on. Dillon tells her to take his hand. More memories return, she was pushed into the Venjix pit, Dillon tried to save her. Tenaya 7 takes his hand, and Dillon pulls her up. Dillon explains to the others that she his his sister. The Rangers destroy her Heat Bot. Dillon returns and finds that Tenaya has left. Shifter unleashes his Bot and has it attack the Megazords then retreat.

Kilobyte informs Venjix that Tenaya 7 has discovered her human side.

Back at the garage, Dillon doesn't want to stop searching for his sister, so Scott tells Dillon that they will all continue to keep looking. But on their way back out, Tenaya 7 walks in and tells them that she wants to help.

Ep26: Tenaya wants to help destroy Venjix. Dr. K explains that the Bot that attacked them was sent to only gather data and return with the ability to control their Ranger technology. Tenaya tells them that she can get the base codes for them from the Palace. Tenaya and Dillon head for the Venjix Palace, and Tenaya has him leave is morpher behind.

Tenaya and Dillon make it inside the Venjix Palace. Tenaya 7 captures Dillon and brings him to Venjix, and Venjix puts Tenaya 7 in charge of leading his army.

Kilobyte and Grinders place Dillon in a holding cell. Kilobyte notices that Dillon doesn't have his morpher.

Shifter's Bot attacks the city. Ranger Red forms PaleoMax Megazord. Tenaya downloads the base codes for Shifter's Hyper Bot. But Kilobyte confronts her. Tenaya uses her detached hand and brings Dillon the chip with the base codes and sets him free. Dillon follows her hand. Grinders inform Kilobyte that Dillon has escaped. Kilobyte finds her hand, but Dillon shocks him from behind, and Tenaya and Dillon escape the Venjix Palace with the codes. Shifter gives his Bot a Key upgrade, and the Bot gains control of the PaleoMax Megazord. Dillon and Tenaya make it back inside the city. Tenaya brings the chip to Dr. K.

Dr. K gains back control of the PaleoMax Megazord and discovers that they can now combine all twelve Zords. The Rangers combine all 12 Zords to form the RPM Ultrazord and destroy the Hyper Bot.

Kilobyte captures Tenaya and escapes with her.

Ep27: Tenaya 7 is upgraded to Tenaya 15 and no longer remembers who she is. Tenaya 15 retrieves something from the city and brings it to Venjix.

Ep31: Ranger Black injects Dr. K's antidote into Tenaya 15. Tenaya is no longer under Venjix's control.

Ep32: Dr. K downloads a virus into Tenaya's memory drive. Tenaya uploads the virus into a Venjix Server.

With the defeat of Venjix, Dillon, Tenaya and Summer leave the dome together in Dillon's car.

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