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In the near future, the mysterious and sinister Venjix Computer Network is attempting to conquer and lay ruin to the entire planet. Mankind has retreated into environmentally-shielded domed cities to protect against the pollution and machines unleashed by Venjix. In the shining city of Corinth, an elite force of Rangers must learn to drive and operate an arsenal of radically advanced biotech vehicles in order to battle the attacking machine army bent on world domination.

In Power Rangers RPM, in the shining city of Corinth, an elite force of Rangers must learn to drive and operate an arsenal of radically advanced biotech vehicles in order to battle the attacking machine army bent on world domination.

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5 Inch Action Figures

  Full Throttle Eagle Ranger
  Full Throttle Lion Ranger
  Full Throttle Bear Ranger
  Full Throttle Shark Ranger
  Full Throttle Wolf Ranger
  Throttle Eagle Ranger
  Throttle Lion Ranger
  Throttle Shark Ranger
  Throttle Wolf Ranger
  Full Throttle Mammoth Ranger
  Full Throttle T-Rex Ranger
  Full Throttle Triceratops Ranger
  Full Throttle Ranger Gold
  Full Throttle Ranger Silver
  *Super Legends Titanium Rescue Ranger
  *Super Legends Super Samurai Green Ranger
  Rapid Pursuit Eagle Ranger
  Rapid Pursuit Lion Ranger
  Rapid Pursuit Wolf Ranger
  Throttle Max Ranger Red
  Throttle Max Ranger Blue
  Throttle Max Ranger Green
  Throttle Max Ranger Black
  Throttle Max Ranger Gold
  Evil Grinder
  *Super Legends Green Samurai Ranger

Figure Sets

  RPM Full Throttle Set (Full Throttle Eagle, Lion, Bear, Shark and Wolf Rangers)
  Full Throttle Ranger Set (Full Throttle Wolf, Eagle, Lion and Shark Rangers)
  RPM Retrofire Team
  Wild Force Retrofire Team
  Rapid Pursuit Ranger Set (Rangers Red, Blue Black and Gold)

5 Inch Megazord Action Figures

  Retrofire High Octane Megazord
  Retrofire Series RPM ValveMax Megazord
  Retrofire Mighty Morphin Megazord
  Retrofire Wild Force Megazord
  Retrofire Series Dino Thunder Thundersaurus Megazord
  Retrofire Series Mystic Force Titan Megazord

5 Inch Guardian Action Figures

  Auxiliary Trax Eagle Guardian
  Auxiliary Trax Lion Guardian
  Auxiliary Trax Shark Guardian
  Auxiliary Trax Wolf Guardian
  Auxiliary Trax Mammoth Guardian
  Auxiliary Trax T-Rex Guardian
  Guardian Engine Figure
  Guardian Mach Figure

6.5 Inch Moto-Morph Action Figures

  Moto-Morph Eagle Ranger
  Moto-Morph Lion Ranger
  Moto-Morph Shark Ranger
  Moto-Morph Wolf Ranger
  Moto-Morph Red Ranger
  Moto-Morph Blue Ranger
  Moto-Morph Mammoth Ranger
  Moto-Morph Ranger Red
  Moto-Morph Ranger Blue
  Moto-Morph Ranger Black
  Moto-Morph Road Attack Zord
  Moto-Morph Ranger Gold
  Moto-Morph Ranger T-Rex

7.5 Inch Extreme Action Figures

  Super Legends Extreme Extreme RPM Eagle Ranger
  Super Legends Extreme Extreme RPM Lion Ranger
  Super Legends Extreme Extreme RPM Shark Ranger
  Super Legends Extreme Extreme RPM Wolf Ranger
  Super Legends Extreme Mighty Morphin Green Ranger


  Racing Performance Eagle Cycle
  Racing Performance Eagle Slide Cycle
  Racing Performance Lion Cycle
  Racing Performance Lion Slide Cycle
  Racing Performance Shark Cycle
  Racing Performance Shark Slide Cycle
  Racing Performance Wolf Cycle
  Racing Performance Wolf Slide Cycle
  Racing Performance Mammoth Cycle
  Racing Performance T-Rex Cycle
  Ranger Red Cycle
  Ranger Blue Cycle
  Ranger Black Cycle
  Ranger Gold Cycle
  Ranger Triceratops Cycle

Cycles Sets

  Auxiliary Trax Racing Performance Set
  Racing Performance Speed Set
  Racing Performance Crew Set
  High Octane Crew Set

Turbo Octane Zord Racers

  Turbo Octane Eagle Racer
  Turbo Octane Lion Racer
  Turbo Octane Shark Racer
  Turbo Octane Wolf Racer
  Turbo Octane Racer Set


  Formula Eagle Transporter
  Formula Wolf Transporter
  Red Formula Transporter
  Blue Formula Transporter
  Auxiliary Trax Series Air Max Transporter
  Auxiliary Trax Series Max Transporter

Transforming Beast Zords

  Toyota Camry Engine King Eagle Zord
  Toyota Prius Chrome Prowler Tiger Zord
  Toyota Tundra Blue Storm Elephant

Trax Command Center

  Trax Command Center

Micro Megazords

  High Octane Micro Megazord
  VelociMax Micro Megazord
  Torque Micro Megazord

Formula Megazords

  High Octane Megazord
  Turbo High Octane Megazord (Disney Store Exclusive)
  ValveMax Megazord
  Mach Megazord
  PaleoMax Megazord
  RPM Megazord Set (High Octane Megazord and ValveMax Megazord)

Adventure Sets

  Track Adventure Set
  Highway Adventure Set
  Speed Adventure Set
  High Octane Adventure Set
  RPM Action Set
  RPM Engine Set
  Engine Adventure Set


  Cell Shift Morpher
  Rev Morpher


  Nitro Blaster
  Nitro Blaster Max
  SkyShift Blazer

Weapon and Morpher Sets

  Cell Shift Morpher And Highway Sword Set
  Rev Morpher And Nitro Blaster Set
  Sky Morpher and Cloud Hatchet Set
  RPM Cannonzier

Roleplay Gear

  Rally Crew Set
  Rumble Crew Set
  Red Ignitor Gauntlet
  Blue Ignitor Gauntlet

Soft Attack Weapons

  Highway Sword
  Motor Sword
  Trax Sword
  Speed Sword

Figurine Sets

  RPM Ranger Set

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