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Fans Interview with Steve Wang (KamenConnection)

Thursday, May 21st, 2009
* KC Interview with Steve Wang (

Visit the link above to see the full Interview...

Years ago, you Directed an episode of Saban's Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy - "The Rescue Mission", one of my favorite episodes of all time, how was your experience with that?

“I had a great time. Both the cast and crew was a total joy to work with and I got to work with my good friend Koichi Sakamoto again after a few years' break.

Overall, it was rather Chaotic. I had lost a major location for the space ship scenes a day before I had to shoot there. As you recall, most of the episode takes place on the ship. I had already done all my location prep. So I was given a new location and had to basically make things up as I shot.

I remember my first Assistant Director was pretty freaked out since he was the one that had to plan out the day. But I told him not to worry. I will always be a couple of shot ahead of him so he will know what to do. I also ran 2 units at the same time. Since there was no costumed ranger action in the episode, I ended up shooting all the action myself. I ran between sets to set up shots and shoot them. Oh, and the action scene where the creature attacks the rangers the first time and climbed all over the ceiling, I came up with that idea while I was driving to set that morning! Just made stuff up and shot it! It was good times although Chip Lynn was pretty upset with me because I didn't follow the script completely. At one point I asked him what a line was that I was shooting and his reply to me was, " Wow, you're actually using my dialogue?" sarcasm intended! Sorry about that Chip! I was having too much fun! LOL”

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