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Friday, February 20th, 2009



5” RPM ACTION FIGURES – The Power Rangers continue their adventures in Fall 2009 in RPM – Racing Performance Machines. This turbo-charged season finds the Power Rangers going full throttle to defeat the Evil Space Aliens. The Fall lineup brings an all-new, high octane lineup inspired by the speed and action of Power Rangers RPM, including all new 5” articulated figures.

Prepare the Rangers for battle by flipping down the helmet’s visor. Once protected for battle, the Rangers can take on the Evil Space Aliens using the included weapon accessories. For even greater collectibility, combine figures and accessories to form a larger weapon.

Coming late fall, Bandai America will continue their highly sought after Super Legends action figures. These limited edition “chase” figures feature popular characters from past Power Rangers seasons, and are perfect for all fans, young and old, missing that key character in their ultimate toy collection.
$6.99 4+ August

5” GUARDIAN FIGURES – By configuring their battle gear and included weapon accessories, these 5” Guardian Figures have 4 modes of play in one toy! Morph into two modes of Armorized Rangers by attaching the included armor pieces, or configure the armor to morph into the Animal or Vehicle Zord mode. Collect and combine with the Fall Racing Performance Cycles Formula Transporters and Auxiliary Trax Command Center to complete the Auxiliary Trax System (each sold separately).
$9.99 4+ August

5” RETROFIRE MEGAZORD SERIES – Each highly detailed 5” Megazord figure includes a base and the Megazords’ signature weapons. Collect Retrofire Megazords from current and past seasons.
$10.99 4+ August

6.5” MOTO-MORPH FIGURES – With a simple transformation, each 6.5” figure morphs into one of two modes. Use the included Engine Cell key to unlock from Tire Mode into Ranger mode. Each Ranger comes with weapon accessories and a ramp to launch the morphed Tire into action.
$12.99 4+ August

5” SUPER LEGENDS DIORAMA FIGURES – Each 5” Diorama Figure is posed on a stylized, brushed metal base so fans and collectors alike can showcase their highly detailed, live action look RPM Red or Gold Ranger. Figures feature a unique weapon and attachable battle effects.
$12.99 4+ August


TRAX COMMAND CENTER – With the Trax Mobile Command Center, kids can keep up to speed in the race against evil. Unlock sound and light features, then morph the center from an Action Jet into a Deluxe Battle Station. The Command Center includes an exclusive 5” Ranger figure. For even more racing action, collect and combine the Command Center with the Fall 5” Guardian Figures, Racing Performance Cycles or even the Formula Transporters (each sold separately) to complete the Auxiliary Trax System and create additional RPM vehicles or figures.
$39.99 4+ September

FORMULA TRANSPORTERS – Race the sleek Formula Eagle or Wolf Transporter to defeat evil. The vehicle transforms into a Zord Exoskeleton so that the Ranger can ride inside of the Transporter. Kids can customize each Transporter with the included sticker decals. Collect and combine with the Fall Racing Performance Cycles, Guardian figures and Trax Command Center (each sold separately) for even more Auxiliary Trax battle options. Includes an articulated 5” Ranger Figure.
$19.99 4+ August

RACING PERFORMANCE CYCLES – Kids can play out their own RPM adventures with the Racing Performance Cycles. Transform the cycle from Chopper Cycle Mode into Hover Cycle for the Ranger to ride on top of the cycle. For even more Auxiliary Trax racing action, collect and combine with the Fall 5” Guardian Figures, the Formula Transporters and the Trax Command Center (each sold separately). Racing Performance Cycles come with an articulated 5” Figure.
$12.99 4+ August

TURBO OCTANE ZORD RACERS – Launch the swift Turbo Octane Racer with the included launcher. Available in four new designs for Fall, kids can customize each Racer with the included sticker decals. Racer also includes collectible racing coins to weigh down the vehicle during races.
$5.99 4+ August


DELUXE FORMULA MEGAZORDS – By combining three deluxe RPM Zords, kids can create the turbo-charged Megazords as seen on the TV show. Collect and combine Spring and Fall Formula Megazords to create an exclusive RPM Ultra Zord!
$24.99 4+ August

MICRO MEGAZORD SERIES – Kids can prepare for their next high-velocity mission with these sets of four mini Zords. Three Zords combine together to form an RPM Megazord from the TV show, while the bonus Zord can combine from multiple sets to create an original micro Megazord. Collect and combine the Spring and Fall micro sets for even more Micro Megazord combinations.
$9.99 4+ August


RPM HELMET – Boys can become their favorite hero in real life with the RPM Red Ranger helmet. The helmet’s slim design makes it easier for boys to role-play as the Red Ranger, and features RPM sounds and light effects for more realistic play.
$29.99 4+ August

DELUXE BATTLE GEAR – Kids can have fun battling Evil Space Aliens as a Power Ranger RPM hero with this gear. Based on the battle gear used on the TV show by the Gold and Silver Rangers, the SkyShift Blazer includes a light feature and multiple spinning propellers that launch from the barrel. Each propeller is designed differently for unique flying capabilities, and one even has a suction feature that sticks to its target.
$19.99 4+ August

MORPHER – Kids can become a Power Rangers RPM hero with this cool gear, used in the TV show by the Gold and Silver Rangers. Collect and combine these Morphers to create an extreme booster morpher. The Rocket Dagger and Cell Shift Morphers feature sound effects; unlock additional sound effects on the Cell Shift Morpher with its included Engine Cell key.
$12.99 4+ August


3.5” ADVENTURE SET – This set allows kids to play out big adventures with a variety of Ranger Figures, evil space aliens and action accessories on a small scale set.
$19.99 4+ August

RALLY CREW SET – Kids can become part of the Power Rangers crew with this role-play set. The set includes all the gear kids need to morph into a Power Ranger – a Ranger mask, morpher, badge, two weapons and other accessories.
$19.99 4+ August

SOUND SWORD ROLE-PLAY – The Sound Sword Role-Play set allows kids to have safe fun with a cool Power Ranger weapon with lights and multiple sound effects, and comes with a belt holster to store the weapons.
$14.99 4+ August

GAUNTLET – Kids can become a Power Ranger with this cool Gauntlet worn on the wrist. Shift into high gear and launch one of the three included propeller missiles into the air. Choose from the Red, Gold or Silver Ranger gauntlets.
$9.99 4+ August

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