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Saturday, January 3rd, 2009
* Australia Defender of the Earth!! Rescue-Force TV Series (

The "Rescue Force", a BOS originally produced hero character!!

A Project for producing Rescue Force's TV series.

We have started this project with a passion that "We want to create the first original super hero for Australia." and we are now looking for sponsors to provide the Rescue Force, our specially designed characters, as a TV series.

On these FTA TV channels in Australia, about 150 children's programs are showing in a week but there is no live action shows featuring super heroes such as the Power Rangers. This means that Australia still have a potential market for the character business because not only in U.S. but also in many countries in Europe and Asia, they have produced their own super hero's TV programs, adopting ideas from Japan...

To learn more, visit their link above.

"The Rescue Force project is temporary stopped because BOS is now working for the Power Rangers RPM in New Zealand." The website will be renewed soon, so please keep checking in.

BOS's original character : Rescue Force

Star Shard: Treasures of humans which is shattered and scattered in 6 continents on earth, although it is said that they are the keys to bring a disaster, which had sealed by our ancestors. It is said that they give aliens a huge power enough for dominating the universe. The Defenders of The Earth, the UN's anti-extraterrestrial special organization fights against the Family of Darkness, a group of invaders from space, to protect our earth!

Red Defender: The boy hero. Julian Mcpherson, 18 years old, a cheerful high school student who lives in Sydney and belongs to Defenders of The Earth Australian Branch. Julian is a good martial artist and excellent at fighting with a long sword. He flies a jet plane which he calls from the base.

Blue Defender: The girl heroine. Claire Mcpherson, 18 years old high school student, twin sister of Julian, member of the Rescue Force Australian Branch. Clair is top of the class, talkative but also keeps the secret of Rescue Force. Good at sword fighting. Steers a jet submarine.

Skullhead: Commander of the Family of Darkness. Skullhead is seeking the Star Shards for his own vicious purpose, and also trying to destroy Rescue Force.

Crow: The Family of Darkness minions. They are working for Skullhead to find the Star Shards.

Shadow: A mysterious warrior who is also searching for the Star Shards. He is an independent third person and no one knows who he is or what his purpose is.

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