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Power Rangers RPM Bandai Toys

Power Rangers RPM Bandai Toys : Sunday, November 16th, 2008
* listings from Entertainment Earth and

5 Inch Action Figures

  Full Throttle Eagle Ranger
  Full Throttle Lion Ranger
  Full Throttle Bear Ranger
  Full Throttle Shark Ranger
  Full Throttle Wolf Ranger
  Full Throttle Mammoth Ranger
  Full Throttle T-Rex Ranger
  Full Throttle Triceratops Ranger
  Red Eagle Ranger
  Blue Lion Ranger
  Black Shepherd Ranger
  6th Chicken Ranger
  7th Tiger Ranger
  Super Legends Lightspeed Rescue Titanium Ranger
  Super Legends ???

5 Inch Megazord Action Figures

  Retrofire High Octane Megazord
  Retrofire 2nd Megazord
  Retrofire Mighty Morphin Megazord
  Retrofire Wild Force Megazord
  Retrofire Thundersaurus Megazord
  Retrofire Titan Megazord

5 Inch Guardian Action Figures

  Eagle Guardian
  Lion Guardian
  Shark Guardian
  Wolf Guardian
  Mammoth Guardian
  Triceratops Guardian

6.5 Inch Moto-Morph Action Figures

  Eagle Ranger
  Lion Ranger
  Shark Ranger
  Wolf Ranger
  Mammoth Ranger

7.5 Inch Extreme Action Figures

  Extreme Red Eagle Ranger
  Extreme Blue Lion Ranger
  Extreme Black Wolf Ranger
  Super Legends Extreme Mighty Morphin Green Ranger


  Racing Performance Eagle Cycle
  Racing Performance Lion Cycle
  Racing Performance Shark Cycle
  Racing Performance Wolf Cycle

Turbo Octane Zord Racers

  Red Eagle Racer
  Blue Lion Racer
  Green Shark Racer
  Black Wolf Racer

Formula Transporters

  Eagle Transporter
  Wolf Transporter

Transforming Beast Zords

  Engine King Eagle Zord
  Chrome Prowler Tiger Zord

Micro Megazords

  High Octane Micro Megazord
  Velocimax Micro Megazord
  Torque Micro Megazord

Deluxe Formula Megazords

  Deluxe High Octane Megazord


  Cell Shift Morpher
  Rev Morpher


  Nitro Blaster


  Racing Gear Set Rally Crew
  Racing Gear Set Rumble Crew
  Roleplay Gear Red Ignitor Gauntlet
  Roleplay Gear Blue Ignitor Gauntlet

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