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Power Rangers RPM : Racing Forward : Episode 17

Episode 17: Prisoners

Co-Producer ???
Written by Madellaine Paxson
Directed by Mike Smith

Summary: Gem and Gemma tell the others of Venjix factories, and explains that they were prisoners at one of the factories, along with many other people. And they want some payback.

The Rangers battle another Venjix Attack Bot - Saw Bot, Generation 15. Dr. K explains that the Saw Bot is instantaneously learning and adapting to their every move, then orders them to cease all attacks. Rangers Gold and Silver then arrive, and the villains retreat.

Dillon hears Gem and Gemma humming to a tune, the same tune from Dillon's pocket watch. Gem and Gemma explain to everyone that they heard the tune in the Venjix factory where they shared a Cell next to a girl who was always humming that tune. But they never saw her, they just talked to her through a tiny crack in the wall, and she told them the song came from an old family heirloom carried by her brother. So Dillon shows them his pocket watch, and the realize that Dillon is her brother. Dillon wants to know her name, but they explain that nobody in the camp used their real names, and that she was blind. Dillon takes off to head for the factory.

Dillon and Ziggy leave Corinth to find the factory, and Dillon removed the spark plugs from the other vehicles to keep the others from following them. They stop to check the map Gem and Gemma made for them, but can't read it. They are then ambushed by Grinders. Summer arrives to help, and the Grinders are defeated.

Dr. K reads a note to Scott and Flynn that Gem and Gemma left for her - Gem and Gemma left to go on a super secret, super fun mission. The Saw Bot returns.

Summer, Ziggy and Dillon make their way into the factory. Ziggy creates a distraction while Summer and Dillon sneak into a control room. Dillon reads from a computer screen a record of all the factory prisoners. Summer sees that their not just making Grinders there, but then the alarm goes off, Grinders enter the room and blasts at them and destroys the computer right before Dillon could learn about the blind girl that was there. Summer, Ziggy and Dillon escape the factory.

Rangers Red and Blue are fighting the Saw Bot alone. Rangers Gold and Silver arrive and take out the Saw Bot. Venjix makes the Saw Bot grow. The other Rangers arrive, and they form Zenith Megazord. Rangers Gold and Silver blast the Saw Bot with their Zords. The Saw Bot is destroyed by Zenith Megazord.

Summer explains that they have go back to that factory and destroy it immediately, and shows them something download from the factory control room. Dr. K explains that it's not another Attack Bot that Venjix is building, it's a Doomsday machine.

Power Rangers

End Credits:


Voice of Venjix ---------- Andrew Laing
Voice of General Crunch ---------- Charlie McDermott
Voice of General Shifter ---------- Mark Mitchinson

Unit Production Manager
Carole Pagonis

Post Production Producer
Charles Knight

First Assistant Director
Natasha Romaniuk

Production Designer
Ralph Davies

Second Unit Director
Ken Ohara

Director of Photography
Neil Cervin

Edited by
Jochen Fitzherbert

Costume Designer
Jaindra Watson

Theme by
Stephen Hampton
John Adair

Music by
Leigh Roberts
Wayne Jones
William Sullivan

New Zealand Casting by
Terri De'ath

Australian Casting by
Greg Apps

Stunt Coordinator
Mark Harris

Art Director
Petelo Vaihu

Second Assistant Director
Puti Ra Simich-Pene

2nd Unit Assistant Director
Rod Smith

2nd Unit Director of Photography
Andrew McGeorge

Sound Recordist
Dave Hurley

Camera Operator
Peter Janes

Make Up/Hair Supervisor
Kevin Dufty

Mechanical Effects Supervisor
Richard Schuler

Creatures Supervisor
David Holmberg

Location Manager
Sally Sherratt

Visual Effects by
PRPVFX Limited

Visual Effects Supervisor
Carol Petrie

Visual Effects Coordinator
Giles Molloy

Post Production Sound
The Inside Track

Sound Designer
Chris Burt

Sound Effects Editor
Glen Bullen

Based on "Go-Onger" from Toei Company LTD

From the Japanese series
originated by Saburo Hatte

Filmed on location in New Zealand.

Any persons or events depicted in this photoplay are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental and unintentional.

This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

™ & © MMIK BVS Entertainment, Inc.
and BVS International N.V.

All rights reserved

Renaissance Atlantic Entertainment
Toei Company Limited

Ranger Productions LTD

in association with Jetix

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