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Power Rangers RPM : Racing Forward : Episode 11

Episode 11: Doctor K

Co-Producer Jackie Marchand
Written by Matt Negrete
Directed by Charlie Haskell

Summary: Dr. K is playing her violin as she looks over the Zord Data. Summer walks in and informs her that they're ready in the Garage. Dr. K is crying for some reason.

Venjix sets forth two Reflects Bots Generation 12, one for Tenaya 7.

Dr. K explains that Venjix technology has surpassed their own Ranger biotech hardware capabilities. Scott asks about the new Megazord Configuration, Dr. K explains that she can't get it to work, the energy required to make the multizord dispersal viable will require another Flux Overthruster. Ziggy tries to remind everyone that they are the good guys, saying that good guys always win. Dr. K asks Ziggy what it's like being stupid his whole life, and is it as wonderful as it seems.

Flashback: Dr. K is only five years old and is a child prodigy. She is taken from the outside world and placed in a Top-Secret Military Think Tank code-named "Alphabet Soup." One year later, only six years old, K gets to celebrate her first year with them at Alphabet Soup by blowing out her candles. After blowing out the candles, K asks them if she can go outside now, but they immediately take her birthday cake away and put her right back to work and remind her what they told her, that she is a very sick little girl and the Sun makes her unwell. Year after year, they continue to tell her that she is very allergic to the Sun and continue to put her to work 'round the clock to solve their problems. They have her write them a very special computer program. K can't remember her own name.

A Reflects Bot is in the city. The Rangers form their Megazords. Dr. K explains that the Attack Bot is equipped with a Molecular-Mirroring System, and the mirror allows the Attack Bot to materially reproduce any solid object captured in it's optics. The Attack Bot copies the Series Green and Black Zords and takes out the ValveMax Megazord, then copies the Super Saber and takes out the High Octane Megazord. The Attack Bot moves in to finish the Rangers, but then it experiences catastrophic system failure and shuts down.

Dr. K has the Attack Bot brought to base to study relatively undamaged Venjix technology. Corporal Hicks asks how she create all the Ranger stuff.

Flashback: K is playing a piano and working on the Ranger Series project. They introduce the Test Pilots for the First-Generation Project Ranger Suits, Gem and Gemma, to K, who were also raised in the Soup. On her birthday, Gem and Gemma give her a gift wrapped with Silver and Gold Ribbons. K tells Gem and Gemma that she doesn't even like them, but they explain they know and they like her. Gem and Gemma gave her a pencil.

Sometime later, while working on the Ranger Series, a butterfly makes it into the room. She follows the butterfly and discovers sunlight, and that she isn't really allergic to the Sun.

Venjix Drones are incoming. Dr. K explains that the Reflects Bot mirror must have duplicated shield breaches. The Rangers intercept the Drones with their Zords. Dr. K starts down-morphing standard Megazord replacements, but is then attacked by Tenaya 7, who infiltrated from the offline Reflects Bot. Tenaya 7 takes over and causes the Rangers to lose control of their zords. Dr. K manages to trap Tenaya 7 in a confinement tube and cause her hand to become detached. Dr. K then starts reconfiguring their zords.

Flashback: K plans to escape the Soup, and wants to take Gem and Gemma with her. She explains to them that they aren't allergic to sunlight, and they never have been, it was all a lie. And for the Alphabet Soup's Security Computers, she plans to blind the servers for a few minutes with a wireless upload of the Venjix Virus. Project Venjix - a self-aware, self-generating computer virus. But some security men rush in and capture K, Gem and Gemma before K could install the firewall to stop it from spreading beyond Alphabet Soup.

Dr. K informs the Rangers that Megazord download is at 70%, and the Rangers destroy the Drones. Tenaya 7 manages to escape by using her detachable hand. The second Reflects Bot appears. Dr. K downloads original Megazord configurations, and the Rangers form High Octane Megazord.

Flashback: One year after the Venjix Virus has been unleashed, K sends out the distress call, telling everyone to go to the domed city of Corinth. "It was estimated that Venjix had already infected 37% of the world's computer systems. But it's not over, not yet. If you can hear my voice, please go now to the domed city of Corinth. It's the only place we can be safe. But you have to make it inside the city walls before the defense shield is activated. Please hurry."

K heads on out with the Ranger Series technology, but the two people who kidnapped her stop her and tell her to hand over the computer. Gem and Gemma stop them and tell K to head for the exit while they go back for the classified Gold and Silver Series, but Gem and Gemma are not seen again.

Tenaya 7 tries to use the offline Reflects Bot to copy Dr. K's Sound Cannon, but she gets out of the way, and it copies the Flux Overthruster instead. Dr. K installs the second Flux Overthruster and informs the Rangers that they are go for the new Zenith Megazord configuration. So the Rangers combine their six zords to form Zenith Megazord. Dr. K uses her violin to activate a security vacuum. The Reflects Bot is destroyed by the Zenith Megazord's finisher. Tenaya 7 is sucked out of the base.

Flashback: K makes her way to Corinth City.

Dr. K is crying, she still has the Silver and Gold Ribbons from the gift her friends, Gem and Gemma, gave to her.

Power Rangers

End Credits:


Gem ---------- Mike Ginn
Gemma ---------- Li Ming Hu
Corporal Hicks ---------- Damien Avery
Young Doctor K ---------- Molly Standbridge
Government Worker ---------- Jim McLarty
Government Worker ---------- Cassandra Woodhouse
Voice of Venjix ---------- Andrew Laing
Voice of General Crunch ---------- Charlie McDermott
Voice of General Shifter ---------- Mark Mitchinson

Unit Production Manager
Carole Pagonis

Post Production Producer
Charles Knight

First Assistant Director
Natasha Romaniuk

Production Designer
Miro Harre

Second Unit Director
Ken Ohara

Director of Photography
Neil Cervin

Edited by
Jochen Fitzherbert

Costume Designer
Jaindra Watson

Theme by
Stephen Hampton
John Adair

Music by
Leigh Roberts
Wayne Jones
William Sullivan

New Zealand Casting by
Terri De'ath

Australian Casting by
Greg Apps

Stunt Coordinator
Mark Harris

Art Director
Petelo Vaihu

Second Assistant Director
Puti Ra Simich-Pene

2nd Unit Assistant Director
Rod Smith

2nd Unit Director of Photography
Andrew McGeorge

Sound Recordist
Dave Hurley

Camera Operator
Peter Janes

Make Up/Hair Supervisor
Kevin Dufty

Mechanical Effects Supervisor
Richard Schuler

Creatures Supervisor
David Holmberg

Location Manager
Sally Sherratt

Visual Effects by
PRPVFX Limited

Visual Effects Supervisor
Carol Petrie

Visual Effects Coordinator
Giles Molloy

Post Production Sound
The Inside Track

Sound Designer
Chris Burt

Sound Effects Editor
Glen Bullen

Based on "Go-Onger" from Toei Company LTD

From the Japanese series
originated by Saburo Hatte

Filmed on location in New Zealand.

Any persons or events depicted in this photoplay are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental and unintentional.

This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

™ & © MMIK BVS Entertainment, Inc.
and BVS International N.V.

All rights reserved

Renaissance Atlantic Entertainment
Toei Company Limited

Ranger Productions LTD

in association with Jetix

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