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Power Rangers RPM : Racing Forward : Episode 02

Episode 2: Fade to Black

Co-Producer Jackie Marchand
Written by Eddie Guzelian
Directed by Mike Smith

Summary: The Rangers combine weapons to form Road Blaster and take out the Attack Bot. General Crunch and General Shifter report to Venjix that their Attack Board is off-line, and that Corinth's shields are not back to full power. Venjix gives the command to send in all the Drones. The Drones attack the city. Dr. K. Down-Morphs the Zord Attack Vehicles to the Rangers. The Rangers activate their zords and take out Drones. Grinders prepare to ambush Yellow, but Dillon stops them, and more Drones are destroyed. The City Shield is restored to full power. Venjix prepares the download, the Attack Bot grows. Vector Scope online, the Rangers form High Octane Megazord. The Generation-5 Attack Bot is destroyed by the Megazord's Super Saber finisher. Summer says thanks to Dillon, but then Corporal Hicks detects Internal Generation-7 Venjix Hardware inside of him, so Dillon and Ziggy are arrested.

Dr. K. explains that if they don't upgrade the firepower in their Zord configurations, Zenjix will overrun the city within a month. They're gonna have to activate Series Black, but they don't have an operator that can handle the Series Black Bio Hardware.

Colonel Truman interrogates Dillon, Dillon is aware that he has robotic technology throughout his body, but he has no idea how it got there, and he doesn't know his own name and where he's from. Ziggy tries to keep it tough, but only ends up telling his whole life story. Summer talks to Dillon, she gives him his musical pocket watch back and tells him she wants to know where he's going.

Venjix sets forth his newest creation -- Tenaya 7.

Dillon plans to escape, but Ziggy wants to escape with him. Dillon says to give him one good reason why he would bring him with him. So Ziggy explains, "Shadow Puppets." Ziggy also has a lot of enemies in prison.

Dr. K. explains that technically, Dillon is a human equipped with cybernetic modifications.

Ronin and other cellmates pin down Ziggy and talk to him about having no respect. Dillon overhears and decides he wants some dessert and takes Ronin's strawberry jello. The inmates fight Dillon, but Dillon easily defeats them and enjoys his dessert. The Ranger team have been watching from base. The Rangers' go to Dillon's prison cell and offer him to join the team. Dillon says, "Do I get to pick my own color?"

Power Rangers

End Credits:


Corporal Hicks ---------- Damien Avery
Vasquez ---------- Mia Koning
Voice of Venjix ---------- Andrew Laing
Voice of General Shifter ---------- Mark Mitchinson
Voice of General Crunch ---------- Charlie McDermott
Ronin ---------- Gary Young
Hector ---------- Andrew Stehlin
Hulking Inmate ---------- Taran Howell

Unit Production Manager
Carole Pagonis

Post Production Producer
Charles Knight

First Assistant Director
Craig Wilson

Production Designer
Miro Harre

Second Unit Director
Ken Ohara

Director of Photography
Neil Cervin

Edited by
Allanah Milne

Costume Designer
Jaindra Watson

Theme by
Stephen Hampton
John Adair

Music by
Leigh Roberts
Wayne Jones
William Sullivan

New Zealand Casting by
Terri Death

Australian Casting by
Greg Apps

Stunt Coordinator
Mark Harris

Art Director
Petelo Vaihu

Second Assistant Director
Puti Ra Simich-Pene

2nd Unit Assistant Director
Rod Smith

2nd Unit Director of Photography
Andrew McGeorge

Sound Recordist
Dave Hurley

Camera Operator
Peter Janes

Make Up/Hair Supervisor
Kevin Duffy

Mechanical Effects Supervisor
Richard Schuler

Creatures Supervisor
David Holmberg

Location Manager
Sally Sherratt

Visual Effects by
PRPVFX Limited

Visual Effects Supervisor
Carol Petrie

Visual Effects Coordinator
Giles Molloy

Post Production Sound
The Inside Track

Sound Designer
Chris Burt

Sound Effects Editor
Stefan Brough

Based on "Go-Onger" from Toei Company LTD

From the Japanese series
originated by Saburo Hatte

Filmed on location in New Zealand.

Any persons or events depicted in this photoplay are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental and unintentional.

This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

™ & © MMIK BVS Entertainment, Inc.
and BVS International N.V.

All rights reserved

Renaissance Atlantic Entertainment
Toei Company Limited

Ranger Productions LTD

in association with Jetix

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