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 Dr. K
Name: Dr. K (Played by: Olivia Tennet).
Young Doctor K: (Played by: Molly Standbridge).
Bio: Dr. K didn't reveal herself to anyone, she was only communicating through computers, and with her voice altered, everyone believed that she was a man. She sent a message out for people to go to the domed city of Corinth. Dr. K leads the defense of Corinth City.

Three years before the Venjix Virus attack, Dr. K was the leader of a research team developing exoskeletal robotic suits to amplify human strength and speed. They were attempting to harness the human body's natural electrical output to prolong the suit's battling life when they had a breakthrough -- the discovery of a universal bioelectric field -- an unseen energy grid that connects the life force of all living things. Manipulating this field allowed for unimagined advancements in technology, including the Ranger Prototype Series Covert Infantry Bio Suits. Dr. K: "They are NOT SPANDEX, the material is a self-assembling Nanofiber formed with an Intracellular sheet of memory alloy!"

Ep5: Dr. K finally reveals herself to everyone.

Ep11: Flashback: Dr. K is only five years old and is a child prodigy. She is taken from the outside world and placed in a Top-Secret Military Think Tank code-named "Alphabet Soup." One year later, only six years old, K gets to celebrate her first year with them at Alphabet Soup by blowing out her candles. After blowing out the candles, K asks them if she can go outside now, but they immediately take her birthday cake away and put her right back to work and remind her what they told her, that she is a very sick little girl and the Sun makes her unwell. Year after year, they continue to tell her that she is very allergic to the Sun and continue to put her to work 'round the clock to solve their problems. They have her write them a very special computer program. K can't remember her own name.

K is playing a piano and working on the Ranger Series project. They introduce the Test Pilots for the First-Generation Project Ranger Suits, Gem and Gemma, to K, who were also raised in the Soup. On her birthday, Gem and Gemma give her a gift wrapped with Silver and Gold Ribbons. K tells Gem and Gemma that she doesn't even like them, but they explain they know and they like her. Gem and Gemma gave her a pencil.

Sometime later, while working on the Ranger Series, a butterfly makes it into the room. She follows the butterfly and discovers sunlight, and that she isn't really allergic to the Sun.

K plans to escape the Soup, and wants to take Gem and Gemma with her. She explains to them that they aren't allergic to sunlight, and they never have been, it was all a lie. And for the Alphabet Soup's Security Computers, she plans to blind the servers for a few minutes with a wireless upload of the Venjix Virus. Project Venjix - a self-aware, self-generating computer virus. But some security men rush in and capture K, Gem and Gemma before K could install the firewall to stop it from spreading beyond Alphabet Soup.

One year after the Venjix Virus has been unleashed, K sends out the distress call, telling everyone to go to the domed city of Corinth. "It was estimated that Venjix had already infected 37% of the world's computer systems. But it's not over, not yet. If you can hear my voice, please go now to the domed city of Corinth. It's the only place we can be safe. But you have to make it inside the city walls before the defense shield is activated. Please hurry."

K heads on out with the Ranger Series technology, but the two people who kidnapped her stop her and tell her to hand over the computer. Gem and Gemma stop them and tell K to head for the exit while they go back for the classified Gold and Silver Series, but Gem and Gemma are not seen again.

K makes her way to Corinth City.

Dr. K still has the Silver and Gold Ribbons from the gift her friends, Gem and Gemma, gave to her.

Ep15: Dr. K is reunited with Gem and Gemma, Rangers Gold and Silver.

Ep16: Dr. K finally calls everyone by their real names, except for Ranger Operator Series Green.

Ep29: Dr. K decides to go outside with Ziggy, as no one else wanted to. Ziggy and Dr. K are attacked, so Ranger Green teleports himself and Dr. K, and the two end up inside a cave. Ranger Green de-morphs, and the two become stuck inside the cave. The Others try to log into Dr. K's computer to recharge his Morpher, but it's locked with a password, and they only have 7 chances to enter the correct password before total magnetic deletion. After a couple failed attempts, a Time Capsule Video Log plays, with Dr. K explaining about the Rangers and how Venjix had own.

Dr. K informs Ziggy that they are running out of Oxygen. Ziggy asks her why she decided to go outside with him today. She explains that it's her birthday and she wanted to go outside. Ziggy puts on a shadow puppet show as a birthday present to make her smile.

With only one chance left, Summer then realizes what Dr. K's password is and types in "Ziggy" without the others seeing. Gemma then re-energizes Ziggy's Morpher. Ranger Green teleports himself and Dr. K back to base. With everyone wanting to know what the password was, Summer covers for Dr. K and says that it was Mr. Marshmallow.

Ep32: With the defeat of Venjix, Ziggy and Dr. K will be starting a school for kids. Dr. K will be teaching about the Bio Field, while "Ziggy" will be teaching Shadow Puppets and Cooking.

 Colonel Mason Truman
Name: Colonel Mason Truman (Played by: James Gaylyn).
Bio: Colonel Truman is in charge of the defense of Corinth City. He had two sons serving in the Air Support during battle with Venjix machines as everyone retreated into the domed city of Corinth, but only Scott Truman made it back. Col. Mason is in contact with Dr. K.

 Corporal Hicks
Name: Corporal Hicks (Played by: Damien Avery).
Bio: Corporal Hicks reports directly to Colonel Truman.

Ep30: Corporal Hicks is a Hybrid.

Name: Vasquez (Played by: Mia Koning).
Bio: Vasquez is lead operator of the computer control systems in the Defense Headquarters of Corinth, helping to maintain the domed City in sealing all city gates, activating the city shield and Bio-Dome Control-Climate Environment (self-sustained, self-contained living environment. Everything's Recycled. Everything's Programmed, even the weather.), scanning for human bio-fields, and more.

Ep30: Vasquez is a Hybrid.

Name: Benny (Played by: Murray Keane).
Episode(s): Ep6.
Bio: When Ziggy was trying to become a member of The Scorpion Cartel, Benny showed him around to collect money from people. At a children's orphanage, Ziggy goes inside and learns that the kids are sick with Child Gamma Sickness. The Nurse explains that they've spent every dime trying to get medical supplies on the Black Market.

Every single one of the five Cartels wants Ziggy ghosted. Ziggy was put in charge of driving a truck, with valuable cargo, across town to a specific location, but Ziggy took the cargo.

Benny informs Dr. K that Fresno Bob has Ziggy at Cartel headquarters and are going to make an example out of him. Benny explains that Ziggy Did take the stuff from the truck, but not for himself. Ziggy found out that the truck was full of Medical Supplies, so he gave it all to the orphanage. And he couldn't tell nobody else, or else the Cartels would come after the orphanage or the kids. After that, Benny helped Ziggy out of the city.

At Cartel headquarters, Dr. K shows up with her untested Sonar Sound-Wave Blasting Cannon and saves Ziggy.

 Marcus Truman
Name: Marcus Truman (Played by: Fellis McGuire).
Episode(s): Ep7.
Bio: Marcus Truman is Scott's older brother and was Eagle Squadron Leader, but he was lost in battle against Venjix Drones a year ago.

Name: Andrews (Played by: Bruce Phillips).
Episode(s): Ep8-9.
Bio: Before the Venjix attacks, Andrews, one of many servants, was a butler of the Landsdown family who practically raised Summer. And even though Summer and her parents showed him no respect, he still cared for her. But when the Venjix attacks came, all the servants left, including Andrews, leaving Summer on her own with her "friends."

Summer and her "friends" find a military vehicle going by, but with only enough room for her "friends" to take to safety. Summer gets on the back of the vehicle as it's driving off, but one of her "friends" pushes her off and leaves her behind.

Ep9: Alone in the wasteland, trying to make her way to Corinth City, Andrews shows up with an Ice Cream Truck to transport Summer. Andrews explains that Venjix Drones bombed the limo, so he had to find another transport.

The Ice Cream Truck breaks down, and Andrews starts carrying Summer to Corinth City. They take a break, and Summer begins to realize that Andrews cares for her, even after all these years of treating him with no respect, and doesn't even know his first name. Summer decides to walk the rest of the way. She asks him why he puts up with her, and why he doesn't just go ahead and leave her behind. Andrews explains that it's the same reason why he's stayed with them all these years, he's waiting for Summer to show him who she really is, not the stuck up rich Summer. Grinders attack, Andrews sacrifices himself to save Summer from the blasts. Summer defeats the Grinders. Andrews tells her to go on to Corinth City, and that he will be watching over her. Summer makes it into Corinth city and finds her parents.

 Claire Landsdown
Name: Claire Landsdown (Played by: Angela Shirley).
Episode(s): Ep8-9.
Bio: Summer's parents were planning to marry Summer off to Chaz since she was five years old - Chaz Winchester IV, heir to the entire Winchester fortune...

 Martin Landsdown
Name: Martin Landsdown (Played by: Stephen Papps).
Episode(s): Ep8-9.
Bio: Summer's parents were planning to marry Summer off to Chaz since she was five years old - Chaz Winchester IV, heir to the entire Winchester fortune...

 Mr. McAllistair
Name: Mr. McAllistair (Played by: Jason Hoyte).
Episode(s): Ep10.
Bio: All Flynn has ever wanted is to help people. His father has always tried telling him that there's no such thing as superheroes. After graduating from school, Flynn tries becoming many things, such as a Police Officer, but every time, he is fired, just for doing good deeds. So Flynn becomes a mechanic like his dad. Then Venjix forces attack.

Flynn and his father arrive in Corinth city, but there are still others out there. Flynn takes the school bus transport vehicle that brought him and his dad and goes back out to find a woman's five year old daughter. Flynn returns to Corinth with the woman's daughter and other people. Flynn's father tells him that he is proud of him, and that after all these years of telling him that superheroes don't exist, it turns out, the whole time he was looking at one.

Present time: Flynn takes some groceries to his dad's garage. He finds his father asleep with a scrapbook of newspaper articles about Flynn, Ranger Blue, saving everyone and stopping the Venjix attacks.
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